Shoe box kitchen

Hey, I can Pin cute craft projects with the best of them, but when it comes to actually making anything? Well the list of finished objects is short. And the craft materials bought or collected, take up precious space in our small home.

Anyway, the start point for this post is this little kitchen playset, Made by Joel. Isn’t it precious? Isn’t it perfect? When am I ever going to fashion something so exquisite with an electric scroll saw? Um, never.

But it did remind me that I’ve been meaning to get a few bits of play food/kitchen stuff down from the attic, because Little really enjoys the kitchen area at playgroup. Boy, did we have a lot of stuff up there. I threw a good lot of it out (actually Freecycled), and set aside lots of stuff for when she’s bigger, and sorted through a handful of pieces that I thought she’d enjoy now, at 22 months. A kettle and a saucepan, a cake and a knife, a bottle of milk, some tea cups and spoon, some plates.


I’m on a bit of a tidying, sorting, decluttering kick at present, so picking just a few pieces would make them easier to store. There was a shoe box kicking about, so I wrapped the shoe box, put some layers of clear packing tape over top. I drew concentric circles on the lid to look like rings on a hob.


It was a fast job. 15 mins tops. It’s not perfect – not near. It’s kind of a mess, the tape has all kinds of creases and bubbles in it, but I have LET GO of my perfectionist tendencies. Better DONE than lingering waiting for perfection. ‘In use’ trumps ‘great craftsmanship’ every single time, for me. A collection of toys plus a shoe box waiting to be put together is clutter in my family room. This is a play set. So the kettle doesn’t fit – the perfectionist in me is screaming, but actually, who cares. Not me.


And certainly not my nearly-two-year-old and her cousin. They jumped on this as soon as I took the lid off, and spent half an hour enacting a hilarious toddler cafe. They LOVE the role reversal, cutting the cake, handing out slices on plates, asking, “Coffee? Coffee?” (yeh, she knows what mama likes), “all done? More mama?”

Dude, it’s not going all over Pinterest, but this is one project I finished, and was about the length and level of commitment I can get behind. And the kids love it, even Big kid joined in tonight. Score.

(Oh, and I do have a mints tin. Some day I will do something cute with it. Some day.)



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